Renovation Underwriting CPD training 

How do you ensure your clients’ renovation project insurance runs smoothly and without a hitch?

At Renovation Underwriting, expertise is what makes us different from everyone else.

Making us your choice of partner for contract works cases improves your chances of success. Insurance is only ever a problem when it’s arranged badly, or there is a fundamental gap in the understanding between client, broker and underwriter.  So it makes sense to gear up and ensure your private client teams know exactly what they are talking about, to stop mistakes before they happen.
We provide more CPD training for brokers than anyone else on contract works, it’s FREE so why not make it part of your training program?
Making sure that your teams are well prepared makes them:

  • Confident that the advice they are giving is correct.
  • Compliant from a demands and needs perspective.
  • Valued by your customers. Remember they are paying for professional advice, not just placement of risks. It’s what separates insurance Brokers from direct markets.
  • Able to display knowledge that other brokers don’t have.
  • Able to defend existing business.
  • Compete for new business when the opportunity arises.

Our training sessions enable brokers to understand:

  • When the need for specialist contract works cover arises.
  • How JCT contract work with insurance.
  • How to provide the widest cover for the buildings and works.
  • What liability cover your clients need and when.
  • The Party Wall Act and how non-negligent insurance works.
  • The legal & regulatory environment.
  • How their clients win if the worst happens.

This year to date, we have already provided over 30 CPD training sessions, with an approval rating of 98%.

We still open for bookings of CPD sessions throughout Great Britain so do not lose this opportunity and contact our CPD coordinator, Marie Williams at  to book your session. 

Please note that a current Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) with Renovation Underwriting is required in order to benefit from this free CPD training opportunity.

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