The only real solution was to offer brokers CPD on the subject of contract works so that they understood how this class of business was put together and underwritten. Giving brokers the confidence to advise their clients better by offering them the tools they needed to make proper recommendations was common sense. Perhaps if we gave something back, other than commission, we’d be able to increase our value proposition. 

Our CPD sessions are now enjoyed free by all the brokers who hold a TOBA with Renovation Underwriting. Each course lasts two hours and incorporates an interactive element that not only informs brokers but challenges them around the relationship they have with their clients and the compliance environment. Understanding works is sometimes difficult because it needs to draw on a blend of private client and commercial insurance skills which not all personal lines brokers have. Likewise, if those brokers are only writing a works risk every three months it’s not likely that they will retain all the information they need to do so effectively.

We not only offer CPD, but provide valuable support to brokers in both written format and over the phone during the broking process. Where brokers feel unable to communicate concepts or ideas effectively to clients and their professional teams we are happy to talk to them to tidy up any misconceptions about how to draw up JCT contracts or the insurance structure around them. 

The development of a ‘super user’ in each office who handles works-related enquiries is an important development in recent years and enables brokers to bring a consistent level of advice to their client. The super user soon gains important knowledge and experience after their CPD session through practical on-the-job training from us. Clients benefit from expert advice and sales of this class of business increase as a result. The client has won, as has their broker who not only gains additional income but avoids potential professional indemnity claims.

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