When we started Renovation Insurance Brokers, we decided we’d be an advice led business and that our fee structure would reflect that.  Other than being told we were mad, this strategy has worked perfectly over the last 8 years, bringing us closer to the brokers who value what we do.  When you partner with us, you don’t only get access to the best markets for this class of business. You get a service which makes your life as a broker and advisor so much easier.

At a glance...

  • Free CPD sessions for your handlers and broking teams to help them be confident about contract works
  • Access to underwriters to discuss cases in detail
  • A contract vetting service to make sure that your client's JCT insurance clauses are correctly drawn up
  • Access to underwriters for phone conversations or meetings with clients and their project professionals
  • Vetting of your client's contractor's insurance policies where required
  • A response time that reflects the urgency of most works proposals
  • Bespoke underwriting endorsements that meet the needs of your clients specific requirements
  • Flexible underwriting attitude coupled with intelligent application of terms to give a wide underwriting appetite.

TOBA holders

Being a TOBA holder with us gives you confidence in the underwriting and advice you are being given and which you pass on to your client.  The insurance we arrive at is, therefore, better for you, your client and us because we know it is going to operate properly.  It also ensures that your account handlers make the best of their opportunities to drive sales, but also give the best advice to their clients.

  • The client wins
  • You win
  • We win
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