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Find a JCT Contract

JCT (The Joint Contracts Tribunal) has produced standard forms of construction contract, guidance notes and other standard forms of documentation for use by the construction industry since 1931. Today JCT provides a larger and more comprehensive range of contract documentation than any other contract-producing body in the UK construction industry.

JCT contracts facilitate the process of constructing buildings. In simple terms, contracts set out the responsibilities of all parties within the construction process and their obligations, so it is clear as to what work needs to be done, who is doing it, when are they doing it by, and for how much.

Using JCT in conjunction with insurance from Renovation Underwriting provides the ultimate protection if the contractor causes a loss. The cost of a JCT contract is small but the benefit is huge, and so we encourage all renovators to purchase one.  Our specialist renovation brokers are available to talk to renovators and project professionals further about this too.

Is a JCT contract an essential consideration for your renovation? The JCT online shop sells a range of building contracts to suit all projects and procurement options. Visit the Joint Contracts Tribunal website to find out more about the varying contract options on offer and purchase the one that’s right for you.