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Making a Claim FAQ's

How do I contact you about a claim?
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You can contact us about your Claim in a number of ways. You can call us on our dedicated Claims line (01480 768 799) or email us at claims@renovationunderwriting.com. Our Claims line is manned from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. You can also liaise with your Broker who will advise us of your Claim accordingly.

Who will handle my claim?
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Our dedicated Claims Manager oversees the Claims process for all policyholders from first notification through to settlement.

What can I expect once I submit a claim?
Make a Claim |

All available information will be reviewed by our dedicated Claims Manager. You will then be contacted to discuss the next step in the Claims process, specific to your situation.

How long will my claim take to be processed?
Make a Claim |

Each and every claim is different and may require a number of varying stages. You will be advised on realistic timescales when our dedicated Claims Manager contacts you.

What will I need to submit my claim?
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The most important thing is that the claim is reported promptly to minimise any further damage to your property and to rectify the problem as soon as possible. This will in turn lessen the impact on the timeframe of your affected Renovation project.

You will need to complete the claim form and supply any supporting documentation, such as estimates for repairs or replacements; original purchase invoices; images showing the extent of the damage; retaining any damaged items for inspection purposes; and submitting damage reports where necessary and the police case reference number where applicable.

Each claim is unique and you will be contacted as to what information is needed or outstanding in order to expediate your Claim once your submission has been reviewed by our dedicated Claims Manager.