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Our Expertise

Renovation Underwriting is the market leader for a simple reason. We are not only the most competent underwriters in our field, but also the most conscientious. This sets us apart.

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The part we play

Insurance is only ever a problem when it’s arranged badly in the first place, or there is a misunderstanding between policyholder, broker and us (the underwriter). We underwrite works cases all day every day – so if something doesn’t look right or just plain isn’t, we’ll say.

We became experts by being obsessive about our subject. Our founder, Douglas, has been involved in property and works insurance for almost 30 years. He inspired the team to not only become experts in their own right, but to embody the commitment in making sure we always do the right thing.

From our very first day, we decided we would be an advice-led business. Other than being told we were mad, this strategy has worked perfectly; bringing us closer to the partners who value what we do.

Partners don’t only get access to the best mix of markets for this class of business when working with Renovation Underwriting. We are the only underwriter in this sector that engages directly with a policyholder’s project professionals and contract administrators to give advice when needed. And we were the first in the sector to offer CPD training to build greater insights too.

What we offer

  • Complete confidence from underwriters specialising in renovation insurance
  • Greater capacity than competitors
  • Widest scope of cover in sector
  • Bespoke portals to submit formal policy enquiries, gain full product quotations and process transactions.
  • Free face to face and online training so handlers and broking teams become more confident in contract works
  • Peace of mind from the industry leader in private client contract works insurance
  • Direct links to specialist renovation insurance brokers
  • Dynamic, online product finder
  • Complete confidence from underwriters specialising in renovation insurance
  • Protection for your home with comprehensive property cover
  • Backed by A rated capacity insurers
  • Market-leading expertise and trustworthiness for your clients
  • Enhanced relationships with clients by drawing attention to the importance of renovation insurance
  • Opportunity to build your own contract works knowledge
  • Direct communication with underwriters and tailored advice, backed by A rated capacity insurers
  • Partnership with industry leaders in private client contract works insurance
  • Exceptional expertise, led by an acknowledged thought leader
  • Complete confidence from underwriters specialising in renovation insurance
  • Widest scope of cover in sector
  • Tailored Reinsurance partnerships

Working with key partners

We’re proud to work with brokers across the country; providing confidence in the underwriting and advice being given which is then passed on to the end client in need of comprehensive renovation cover.

Thanks to our comprehensive CPD training programme for Brokers, we continually upskill renovation knowledge within the sector too.

Brokers commit to a Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) in order to do business with us and to ensure that their clients receive the market-leading contract works insurance that we’re known for.

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