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Our Passion

When we started Renovation Underwriting, we had no idea just how deeply we would feel about doing the right thing by our brokers and their clients. Strong principles and a clear passion continue to drive us on.

If a client is in no better position after getting our help than they would have been without it, then we have failed. By doing business with us, policyholders will get the most sound advice, very comprehensive cover, a competitive premium and a fair claims settlement.

If we manipulate the circumstances surrounding a risk to make our offering look the most attractive, then we have failed. Before we do anything else, we make sure that what we are offering fits a client’s circumstances. If we cannot fulfil the promise we make, then our efforts have been wasted and a client denied their just deserts.

Being consistent means that the brokers we work with will never have to doubt what we advise them to do. They may not know the best way to approach a risk when it’s first presented, but the chances are that we have seen something very similar before. We will always share that with our broking partners to make sure a client gets the best insurance arrangements for their project. We never shy away from what we believe to be the right path, or hesitate to turn down a request if we can’t add any further value to the proposition.

It takes a sustained effort on behalf of our whole team to put together the schemes we have with our A rated capacity partners. We won’t waste that effort on half baked solutions with little information and the chance that risks will go badly wrong. We ask for a lot of information. Intelligent technical and emotional underwriting is what makes a successful venture.

We are crystal clear about why we are here: to open people’s eyes to the risks facing their most valuable asset when undergoing renovations, and find better ways to mitigate and protect those risks. Nobody should lose their property whilst undertaking building works because they couldn’t arrange the right insurance.

Are you ready to protect your property during your upcoming renovation project? Identify the product that’s right for you.