JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) was formed decades ago by the building trade and RIBA to provide a framework though which contracts could be delivered. This contract is collaborative and is reviewed every few years to make sure that it keeps up with the industry itself and case law around it. Part of having a contract is making sure that, when things don’t run smoothly, everyone knows what to do and a solution, or a route to one is open. Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

The insurance clauses in a JCT do just that and provide the employer with protection in certain instances and obligations in others. The sections in the portal talk about that and help you understand why JCT is a good thing in the context of the insurance piece for the client (the employer in the JCT). 

The important point to remember is that we are helping the client win if things go wrong and in some cases even if they don’t. You should also consider that as brokers you are trying to carve advantage for our client by using JCT in conjunction with our insurance contract, providing the ultimate defence mechanism if the contractor causes a loss.

Joint names JCT contracts de-risk a project for your client from an insurance perspective so encourage them to use either the Minor Works, Intermediate or Standard Form of the contract in that order as the complexity of the works increases.

The cost of a JCT contract is small but the benefit is large, so do encourage your clients to instruct their architect to draw one up.

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