So what demonstrates our passion for Contract Works Insurance?  The following is what makes us tick and what motivates us to do the best we can for you and your customers:

The Client Must Win

If the client is in no better position than they would have been without our help, then we have failed. By doing business with us your clients must get the most sound advice, very comprehensive cover, a competitive premium and a fair claims settlement.

The Best Advice

If we manipulate the circumstances surrounding a risk to make our offering look the most attractive, then we have failed. Before we do anything else we make sure that what we are offering fits your client’s circumstances. We are promising to do something in a defined situation. If we cannot fulfil that promise, then our efforts have been wasted and your client denied their just deserts. If we feel that your client is not one that fits our generous risk appetite then we will say so at the outset, even if we lose a sale as a result. Better to advise a client to do go elsewhere than make a promise we can’t keep.

The Best Way Every Time

Being consistent in our approach to your clients means that you will never have to doubt what we advise you to do. We acknowledge that you may not know the best way to approach a risk, but the chances are that we have seen something very similar before. We will always share that with you to make sure your client gets the best insurance arrangements in place for their project. Sometimes we need to speak to your client’s project professionals to make that happen, but we never shy away from what we believe to be the right path. 

Time and Energy

It takes a sustained effort on behalf of everyone here to put together the schemes we have with our A rated capacity partners. We won’t waste that effort on half baked solutions with little information and the chance that risks will go badly wrong. We ask for a lot of information from you because there are both soft and hard markers that define a project and the rating applied to it. Intelligent technical and emotional underwriting is what makes a successful venture for you and for us, so please don’t be upset if we ask for the right information because it matters. Time and energy used in the right way bring about the right result.

Being Positive

We want to be the best in our niche. To achieve that we need to have a positive approach to our brokers, their clients and their clients' projects. We believe that there is a price for the overwhelming majority of risks and will do all we can to make that happen for you, even if it is difficult, or it requires time and effort to achieve. Challenging ourselves to innovate for you, to be positive and perceptive with the needs of your clients brings many rewards, the last of which is financial. This approach keeps our underwriters engaged, interested in what they see and valued by the brokers and insurers they work with. 


We were the first to provide a structured CPD session on contract works, because we thought the more you knew, the more confident you’d feel about advising your clients to do the right thing. We were right and now lecture not only to insurance brokers, but also to surveyors, architects and party wall practitioners about this subject. In short, we became works evangelists bestowing to all who would listen to us with the knowledge to do the right thing for their clients.

Passion is something that is demonstrated over time. It is enjoying the journey and trying to get better every day whilst never losing your respect and enthusiasm for the subject.

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