We know that we work in a niche class of insurance, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that when it comes to contract works, nobody communicates like us.

As part of this, we’re constantly enhancing our software tools; driven to offer brokers the most unique, highly effective technological solutions to better support their work. Last month saw the launch of a brand new tool to further support our brokers in their dealings with us.

Presenting the RU Broker Hub. Using Open API programming, the platform generates personalised transactional dashboards by broker, interacts in real time with our transactional portal (for policy quotes, bindings and amendments) and also gives instant access to Contact Works Academy, our online training platform. From one single login, our brokers gain immediate access to all three systems.

Working closely with specialist software companies to deliver the Hub concept, we’ve built a wholly unique system that generates a personalised dashboard for each individual broker. From here, brokers can gain an accurate real time overview of:

  • Total GWP processed over the year
  • Individual conversion rates and commission levels
  • Number of policies bound by product
  • Total quote submissions
  • Average policy premiums

The stats shown in the Hub are completely confidential and password protected. Nobody except the logged in user sees them.

From this personalised dashboard, brokers can also see the status of quotes in progress through a visual traffic light system, and immediately access their live policies too. As well as the new RU Broker Hub offering individual brokers unique access to personalised reports showcasing their transactional activity with us, there is also the facility for the RU team to broadcast key latest messages to our community in real time, and also connect the broker network to sales support materials more widely. Connecting Contract Works Academy access into the Hub brings all support tools together for the first time.

Whilst the front end of the Hub displays a simplistic design to encourage easy access and understanding, the solution is driven by complicated technology and intricate design that includes a vast number of data end points pulled from the RU transactional portal in real time.

Our broker partners value us for our continued commitment to innovation and for making it easy to do business with us. The RU Broker Hub is a prime example of our forward thinking, problem-solving nature – giving our brokers direct, private access to their own performance data, their client policy information and the Contract Works Academy. This investment reflects the value we place on broker’s time and customer experience, and it is my hope that becomes another positive touch point for them with Renovation Underwriting. Douglas Brown, Managing Director

The RU Broker Hub is available to Brokers holding both a Renovation Underwriting TOBA and current portal access and it is estimated that hundreds of brokers will be regularly engaging in the new system over the next year.

If you are a TOBA holding broker, you can log in with your existing portal credentials here.

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