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As the MGA that offers specialist renovation capacity and expertise, we’ve today confirmed a new in-house offering for non-negligence liability cover.

Key features of the product include wide, fully JCT compliant cover and availability for both domestic and commercial projects. Most types of projects are considered (including basement contracts), either as part of a wider Renovation cover or as a standalone product. Our highly experienced underwriting team works will work with brokers to organise the cover, with in-house engineering support where required. We also offer competitive premiums and A rated insurer security.

The new product is available thanks to a partnership with non-neg liability specialist underwriter Len Albon, who joined the RU team on 1st July as a Consultant in order to embed this new product offer.

Across all our work, our focus is on making sure that our policyholders aren’t exposed to liability losses they can’t afford and don’t understand. Our technical team, which now includes the experienced Len Albon and an in-house structural engineer are well placed to help with the complexities of non-negligent insurance so that brokers and their clients understand it better. This change also gives us increased capacity of up to £10m depending on risk profile. Yet again we bring a mix of capacity, capability with our trade mark honest advice led approach which helps brokers place renovation better. Douglas Brown, Managing Director of Renovation Underwriting

In a renovation scenario, a building owner has the legal duty to pay for damage caused due to the works in the absence of contractor negligence. As it is the owner of a building who has the legal duty, it is recommended they protect themselves by taking out non-negligent insurance if the Party Wall Act applies to them – or if the work involves the possibility of third-party property damage which would not be covered elsewhere if a non-negligent policy is not in effect.

I have worked closely with the Underwriters at Renovation Underwriting for over five years and their expertise across contract works principles is second to none. I’m excited to drive forward the implementation of this new product offer across the whole team, and to deliver non-negligent liability cover to brokers, project professionals and end clients - under an already strong portfolio of Renovation Underwriting policies. Len Albon, speaking of his new involvement with Renovation Underwriting

We offer a comprehensive suite of wider renovation insurance policies; all designed to meet the needs of a client, either private or commercial; whether renovating, extending, or altering a property. The new non-negligence liability cover is available to RU’s TOBA holding brokers immediately, either as a bolt-on to a Renovation policy or as a standalone product.

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