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What is it that Renovation Underwriting offers over and above other players in this market?

The market for property insurance for structures in the course of renovation/refurbishment is very small – and for bespoke, JCT compliant contract works insurance of the type we offer, even smaller.

Our package offers full control, the widest cover, triple A rated insurers and the peace of mind that expertise and support is available in claims and contentious situations.

We genuinely believe we offer market-leading products; not just in terms of cover, but in terms of the quality of our markets, and our knowledge, expertise, advice and support. We tailor our offering to meet the exact needs of each client and we ask them to consider us as part of their professional team; available at all times to deal with problems, liaise with the other project professionals, and to modify and re-shape the cover if required.

Ultimately, we aim to offer full peace of mind and full control. 

As well as offering an excellent service and product range, we also offer our broker partners specialist support too. Components such as CPD training and access to an online broker portal enable them to generate quick indications of cost, full quotations, and to generate policy documentation instantaneously once cover instructions have been received.