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Are contents covered in this insurance?

We are able to offer contents insurance – but bear in mind that it is never the intention of a contract works product to offer high net worth contents insurance. We are happy with general contents, but we cannot offer cover for high-value assets such as jewellery, collections, fine art, antiques and the like. There are also inner limits for things such as electronic equipment and contents stored in outbuildings, and we will not cover contents away from the premises.

We can offer more bespoke contents cover subject to referral, but it is always worth seeking ongoing cover from the existing contents market because it will generally be significantly wider.

We would draw a distinction between contents and materials and fittings. In simple terms, we would class materials and fittings as anything which will be attached to the building (such as tiles, bathroom fittings, piping, flooring, light fittings etc.). We class contents as anything which will remain loose (such as furnishings and sort furnishings, rugs, curtains and so-forth). Materials and fittings should be included within the contract works sum insured.