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What does the policy actually cover?

Renovation Portfolio is an All Risks contract works package. We can cover the following:

  • The Contract Works (compulsory)
  • The Existing Structure (optional)
  • Property Owner’s Liability (compulsory where Existing Structure insured)
  • Project Public Liability (where Property Owner’s Liability is not enough)
  • Employer’s Liability (only where Project Public Liability is insured)
  • Non-negligent Liability (Party Wall Insurance)

We do not cover existing structure cover in isolation. As an ‘All Risks’ contract, we offer the full range of perils under both sections, including subsidence, accidental damage, and damage caused by the contractor. 

Cover automatically ceases at the point of practical completion or the expiry of the policy. It’s important to ensure that an extension is requested if relevant, and that a standard buildings insurance product is lined up as the end of the project approaches.