Renovation Smart

The first few cases with our new Waterguard systems have been bound and seem to be popular with policyholders and brokers who can see the benefits going forward.  The logistics have been a challenge, but recent improvements make it less of a step into the unknown.

How does Renovation Smart work?

  • Renovation smart reduces the likelihood of escape of water losses by cutting off the water on a site out of working hours.
  • Fitted to the rising main it supplies water from the point the site goes live every working day and cuts it off again when the site closes.
  • Water remains off at weekends unless contractors use a boost button on site that allows water for an hour at a time.
  • At the end of the renovation process the Waterguard system can be modified to operate as a domestic water leak prevention system at little extra cost.
  • Unlike other systems, Waterguard can be used on rising mains of any size likely to be encountered by private client renovation contracts.

The process

  • Your client opts for Renovation Smart.
  • They provide the details of their contractor to us and inform their contractor that Waterguard will be in touch.
  • Waterguard contact the contractor and ascertain the size of the rising main into the property and the working hours of the site.
  • Waterguard supply their system direct to the contractor with instructions advising when during the project it should be installed.
  • The contractor fits the system to comply with the Waterguard endorsement on the policy.
  • At practical completion the policyholder applies to Waterguard for a kit to covert the system to a domestic rather than site system.

Remember it’s FREE

Clients who opt for Waterguard get the system supplied for free. It takes the contractor 15 minutes to fit but brings big benefits.

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