What happens to a client's policy if works have stopped? The cessation of works clause will be affecting all current RUL policyholders during Covid-19 and so knowing the answers to questions like these is crucial. In this video, our Broking and Training Coordinator Natalia answers some of the key questions that Brokers in our network are asking on this very subject. 

Want to skip to a particular question? Here’s the question timeline:

00:20 What happens if work has stopped? 

00:32 How many days can work stop for? 

00:47 Are there policy conditions when work has stopped? 

01:06 What must clients do? Weekly inspection 

01:39 What must clients do? Security 

01:56 What must clients do? Gas & electricity 

02:14 What must clients do? Water & heating 

02:30 What if my client cannot comply due to Coronavirus? 

02:47 Work has stopped, can my client suspend the policy? 

03:09 What happens to policies that were just about to start? 

03:37 Do I need to contact my clients about this? 

04:14 Can new quotations be submitted? 

04:36 What happens if works stop for more than 90 days? 

05:00 What happens if clients don’t know when work is resuming again? 

05:28 Other questions 

You can also find the very latest advice on Cessation of Works in this accompanying article. These materials are part of a wider suite of Broker updates and insights that we've produced, visit the Covid-19 resources section in full here.

* Please note that the guidance presented here was correct at the time of filming (date as shown), but we would advise you to call us to confirm the very latest updates if this content is of relevance to you.

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