Renovation Insurance: Why this insurance is expensive?

Find out more why this insurance is expensive.

Renovation Insurance and JCT contracts

What is a JCT contract and why it is so important to your renovation project?

Renovation Insurance: The importance of party wall insurance

The Party Wall Act (1996) makes you responsible in England and Wales for damage that your project might do to your neighbour's property. 

Renovation Insurance: Liability Insurance

Building sites are inherently dangerous places. You have a liability to others, whether they are visitors, contractors or employees. Some liabilities you cannot contract out of and it is important to understand how you are exposed in your type of project.

Renovation Insurance: the cost, duration and risk of the works

What are 'works'? This term refers to the changes and additions that you make to the existing structure of your renovation project and what make your project come alive and be personal to you.

Renovation Insurance - Insuring Existing Structures

When renovating a property, 'existing structures' are the principle parts of the property that you will be changing or adding to and create the landscape for the works.

Save time with our Broker Portal and ‘Quick Quote’ facility

The Broker Portal is a welcome addition to the way we currently process quotes. Not only does the system make for a very user-friendly experience, it also renders the process of obtaining quotes much quicker.

Renovation Insurance: Broker renovation insurance CPD accredited training

Find out how our renovation insurance CPD accredited training will ensure that your company's brokers have the necessary training required to successfully meet your clients most complicated property insurance requirements.

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